• Estee Lauder

Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond for Face and Eyes

Estée Lauder’s beauty products have long been celebrated as some of the best on the luxury market. In keeping with that legacy, they have collaborated with MW to release this much sought-after Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond skincare set.

To craft a box worthy of these products, we began with a 9mm MDF structure, veneered in hi-gloss coated dark wood. A faceted, injection-moulded plate was fitted onto the top, and internal hinges and magnets keep the lid in place. Once opened, the case reveals a sumptuous black suede lining, the lid foil-stamped with a gold logo.

One of the packaging's most exciting features is that these boxes were built with two differing internal designs. In one, the opening of the lid pulls up an inner shelf, lifting the Re-Nutriv pots gently into view. A hidden drawer also rests at the base of the box; push it lightly and it slides open, revealing two applicator tools.

The alternative design reveals something slightly different upon opening – the two pots nestling snugly in place. Pull gently on the black ribbon tab at the top of the lid, and a secret shelf holding the applicator tools is revealed. Crafted to be removable and reversible, this EVA shelf is lined in black suede to match the rest of the interior.