• Finist vodka

Finist Vodka

Finist is a super premium vodka from the brains behind Green Mark, Talka and Zhuravli.

Made at the Alkon Distillery in Velikiy Novgorod, Finist is distinctive for its light texture and crisp taste, and because each batch is distilled from a different grain or mixture of grains, they all boast subtly different tasting notes.

To celebrate this special drink, the creators of Finist asked GPA’s Russia team to manufacture a brand new pack. The finished result is an elegant textured 85x330mm container crafted from 0.23mm tinplate and using a double blue print run.

The pack was inspired by the striking Finist colour scheme and branding. To achieve a more visually captivating finish, studs were embossed into the gold areas of the branding. Subtle detailing was also included in the form of careful embossing and debossing on the pack’s white lettering.

The tin container is topped with a gold pillow lid bearing an embossed central emblem and matte varnishing. Keeping the bottle in place is an EVA ring, which has been fitted into the inside of the lid, and a transparent plastic tray, which rests at the bottom of the container.