• Maestro Dobel 50

Maestro Dobel 50

Maestro Dobel is a brand name celebrated by tequila connoisseurs around the world. The brainchild of Juan Domingo Beckmann, Maestro Dobel is best known for its exquisite multi-aged clear tequila, Diamante. This year, however, the product that has everyone talking is Dobel’s 50th anniversary special release: a gold tequila made from 100% agave and aged in French Oak, American Oak and sherry barrels.

Bearing the label “1967”, this commemorative tequila was released in 2017 in honour of founder Juan Beckmann’s 50th birthday. Our team was brought in to manufacture a pack to accompany the 1967 release, and drew on the elegant Maestro Dobel branding and the commemorative aspect of the tequila to construct a one-of-a-kind keepsake.

The pack consists of a rigid board box wrapped in textured paper that has been tinted with a deep earthy red mimicking the look of genuine aged wood. Double doors on the front have been detailed with elegant gold lines and a gold metal plaque. Pull these doors gently open and they reveal the pack’s precious contents: the bottle of aged tequila, and a drawer containing a booklet and a gorgeous glass stopper.

To support the weight of the contents, the interior of the pack has been reinforced with multiple layers of lightweight rigid board. The bottle is held securely between an EVA base and a flocked vacuum-formed C-ring at the top of the pack. Exquisite details come in the form of colour-matched ribbon attachments, which can be used to open the drawer and lift out the stopper, and a black and white photograph of the ageing barrels on the inside of the right-hand door.

If you’re keen to learn more about this special tequila you can read the text on the left-hand door, which has been printed in gold foil; the booklet within the drawer offers yet more insight into the story behind 1967 – as well as detailed tasting notes from Beckmann himself.

In addition to the 1967 special release, the Maestro Dobel team also put out a commemorative Cristalino: a clear tequila that delivers flavour notes of fig, pineapple and vanilla. The pack for this tequila, which was also manufactured by the MW team, boasts a muted grey and white colour scheme which perfectly complements the crystalline tequila within.

Using a similar construction to the 1967 box, this slimmer pack has just one door that folds open to reveal the tequila. The bottle is held snugly in a colour-matched recess and can be easily removed with the use of a ribbon attachment. Tasting notes can be found on the interior of the door, printed in a bright white that is also utilised on the exterior of the pack.

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