• Redbreast Irish Whiskey

Redbreast 21-Year-Old

Redbreast is one of the world’s most celebrated Irish whiskeys, known for its traditional distilling approach based the “single pot still” method. Recently, GPA Luxury teamed up with the brand to develop premium packs for a range of their special whiskeys, including the Redbreast 21-Year-Old – perhaps the finest representation of the signature Redbreast single pot still style.

Working at the forefront of the luxury spirits packaging sector has always required us to develop new ways of bringing our clients’ creative visions to life, and with this project, it was no different. The purpose of this new packaging project was to broaden appeal, and attract a new consumer base driven by curiosity, discovery and authenticity.

The design house on the project, Nude Brand Creation, commissioned hand-drawn illustrations from Irish artist Denise Nestor, who brought to life the brand’s famous robin, shown in different stages of flight for each bottle in the range.

Working from the exciting brief for the 21-Year-Old, we crafted a booth-style wood and paper container that blends traditional textures and colours with sleek modern lines. The bottle rests within the wooden portion of the pack, held in place by a shallow, circular base fitment and a secure clip in the top. We added a Celtic-inspired herringbone pattern down the side of the wooden booth where it borders the lid.

The rigid paper box that encloses the wooden booth is wrapped in textured navy paper and embellished with embossed copper foiling. Upon sliding the door back, the whiskey is showcased, with information about the Redbreast brand and the whiskey displayed opposite in copper text.

The finishing touch is the Redbreast robin, which appears on the front of the pack, wings outstretched in mid-flight. With this emblem as the key focus of the range, we were keen to make it stand out. After careful planning, we opted to overprint the bird onto copper foil then use 3D embossing to create depth – in combination, these embellishments catch the light and create a sense of movement.

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