• Redbreast Irish Whiskey

Redbreast 27-Year-Old

Redbreast is a celebrated Irish brand known for its “single pot still” whiskey and traditional distilling methods. Recently, the company decided to repackage some of its finest aged whiskies to appeal to a new generation of consumers, and invited GPA Luxury to come on board for the manufacturing process.

Working from some exciting briefs by design house Nude Brand Creation, we created a range of packs, including an elegant wooden chest for the Redbreast 27-Year-Old, which is notable for being matured in ruby port casks.

The case was crafted from dark red wood, in a nod to the whiskey’s ruby port origins. The front of the pack bears the distillery’s branding, including the famous Redbreast robin. A copper metal border down the side displays a herringbone pattern, which is also repeated in the textured kraft paper label on the front of the pack. This design mimics the feather pattern seen across the Redbreast range. 

A thumb notch in the side of the pack allows for the lid to be easily pulled open, revealing the whiskey nestled within. The herringbone pattern from the front is continued behind the bottle on dark red paper. Opposite, on the interior of the lid, information about the brand and tasting notes for the whiskey have been printed.

The final detail is the yoke in the top of the pack: a slide-out piece of wood that holds the bottle firmly in place.

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