• Diageo

Tanqueray No. Ten

Though Tanqueray may be best known for its London Dry Gin – a stalwart of pubs and bars across the globe – its small batch creations are just as worthy of attention. Tanqueray No. Ten is an excellent example, a citrus-packed gin that has secured a much coveted spot in the San Francisco World Spirits Hall of Fame.

Recently, the GPA Luxury team manufactured a unique pack for Tanqueray No. Ten: a premium pale green tin container with some ingenious interactive features.

The tin has a simple rectangular structure with a front door that opens to reveal the bottle. We crafted the pack from premium tin sheet, printed in vivid full colour, and formed and embossed to create complex textural details. The bottle of gin is loaded through the top of the tin, and a permanent lid then snaps into the top to keep it in place.

Printed on the sides of the tin are the story of the Tanqueray brand and some serving suggestions for the No. Ten. One side of the pack also features a bespoke high-tolerance injection moulded fitment, which we snapped into a die-cut hole. This specially created recess holds a bespoke chrome-plated bottle opener bearing the red Tanqueray “T”, and attached to a green acrylic key fob.

This bottle opener not only allows the user to crack open a bottle of their favourite mixer, but also doubles as a key which unlocks the tin door!

Inside, the bottle of gin is held in a premium, vacuum-formed PP fitment, and clipped in place at the top with a discreet clear holder. The final touch is the backing: a curved piece of reflective green metallic board. This not only enhances the shape of the bottle, but creates an appealing visual effect that mimics Tanqueray’s iconic green glass.

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