• 27th September 2015


CÎROC vodka is a relatively new player within the vodka market. It stands alone as the world’s first and only vodka made exclusively from French grapes.

I’ve always known of CÎROC as associated with their brand ambassador Sean “Diddy” Combs. However, their limited edition CÎROC X packaging design just might eclipse the star who has been helping make a name for the spirit.


“CÎROC X has a halo effect on the rest of the range, keeping the portfolio fresh and relevant for luxury connoisseurs, providing new ways and occasions to engage and recruit consumers, and elevating the CÎROC brand name once again.”

CÎROC X is an ultra-exclusive, high-end expression of their spirit, which was developed to commemorate CÎROC’s 10 Year Anniversary. CÎROC was responsible for developing the premium product, and RP/NYC Design House was responsible for creating packaging that expressed a lifestyle of luxury and exclusivity.


The original CÎROC bottles are tall and thin, elegant in their refined simplicity and feature a perfect blue circle to represent the fine French grapes the vodka is made from. It is the simplified grape icon which RP/NYC Design House has taken as inspiration and elevated into a gorgeous bottle design. Clear, bright blue glass, circular in shape and wrapped along the circumference with a silver metal – the bottle is swank! 

“RP/NYC was tasked with elevating the grape to hero status, but maintaining a consistent feel with existing CÎROC variants - an ultimately rewarding creative tension. As the ultimate luxury vodka brand, the design needed to incorporate materials to create a rewarding visual and sensorial experience that draws the consumer in and satisfies their expectations of what the brand ultimately stands for - purity, aspiration, desire and superior quality.” 


RP/NYC Design House continued the design story for the secondary packaging using a minimal color palette and simple materials. Each of these iconic bottles come packaged in a bright white box whose structure allows the front and back of the bottle to be on full display. The purpose of the box seems to be less about protection and more about framing the exclusive vodka as a work of art in its own right. The design on the front of each bottle is elegant and understated, featuring the anniversary logo in a silver ink and subsequent typography set towards the bottom edge in a small font size. The focus here is on the iconic bottle shape and the rare liquid is contains

The art of luxury and celebration which CÎROC vodka is known for has been expressed impeccably at every touch point of the limited edition CÎROC X packaging design. I think Diddy would approve.