• 28th January 2016

PAC Global Leadership Awards for MW Luxury Packaging

MW Luxury Packaging, the leading luxury packaging developer and manufacturer, wins two PAC Global Leadership Awards during the official ceremony in Florida, US.

As the longest established event of its type in North America, the PAC Packaging Competition, organised by the Toronto-based not-for-profit corporation Packaging Consortium, is a prestigious industry award. PAC has over 2,100 members from across the packaging industry, who see the Global Leadership Awards as an opportunity to praise and recognise excellence and innovation across packaging design, graphics, branding, technical development and sustainability.

Industry Awards for MW Luxury Packaging 

MW Luxury Packaging was awarded Silver in the Brand Marketing - New Brand, Food & Beverage category for Jack Daniel's Sinatra, a unique and limited edition whisky created to celebrate Frank Sinatra’s centenary year and his special relationship with Jack Daniel’s. Each bottle is individually numbered and presented in an elegant, leather lined, midnight blue wooden box.

The second silver award, in the same category, was received for the Johnnie Walker Blue Gift Pack. The packaging for this product was designed using a combination of materials, constructed to deliver a stunning, unique effect. The outer packaging consists of rigid board, lined with premium paper that has been dyed and embossed, while the windows on the front and rear allow light to illuminate the whisky inside. The inner packaging contains an injection moulded, mirror finished fitment, which suspends the bottle. The reflective surface causes the light passing through the whisky to be projected onto the bottle and box interior. The pack is held shut using a magnetic clip, featuring the famous Johnnie Walker ‘Striding Man’ logo, attached to the side of the pack. The front panel sweeps across the pack elegantly at an angle of 24 degrees. A miniature medal completes the design, attached to the neck of the bottle using high-quality blue and gold thread. It features the legend ‘EST 1820’ on one side, and the ‘Striding Man’ on the other.

As the company enters its 18th year, the two PAC awards further cement the place of MW Luxury Packaging as an industry leader and creator of innovative, high-quality packaging.