• 04th March 2016

MW Luxury Packaging Develops and Manufactures Pack for Exclusive Whisky

Brora Whisky Packaging 

Less than 3000 bottles of this aged whisky from the now closed Brora distillery exist worldwide, and with its soft, chocolate-infused taste and irresistibly smoky scent, it’s easy to see why it would be in such high demand.

To help celebrate this wonderful, rare drink, MW developed and manufactured a limited edition box, one of seven unique packs designed for Special Release single malt whiskies.

Assembled using rigid board shoebox construction and wrapped in bespoke pin-line dyed and embossed paper, the box opens smoothly to reveal a colour-matched velvet interior. Here, the bottle rests securely, held tight by a moulded inner fitment and protected from damage with a velvet pad. Finishing flourishes can be found in the hand-placed inner and outer labels, and the gold accents on the front of the box.