• 16th May 2016

El Dorado developed by MW Luxury Packaging

In celebration of Guyana’s fifty years of independence, El Dorado have released this rare Grand Special Reserve Rum, boxed in limited edition packaging designed by Pinberton design, developed and manufactured by MW Luxury Packaging

The pack combines old world class with modern luxury, evoking a nautical yet sophisticated feel. Fronted with an engraved plaque and assembled using rigid board construction, the box features two overlapping doors, opening out to reveal the full length of the bottle. The porthole, supported with a metal frame, gives a taste of what sits inside; another hint lies in the full colour nautical map print that covers the textured pearlescent paper wrapping.

Inside, the box is decorated in black, tan and gold. The door panels are covered in black soft-touch paper, accented with gold foil details, while the bottle sits securely in a flocked vacuum-formed inner fitment. Also included in this luxurious pack is a one-off booklet, detailing the story of this unique rum.