• 22nd March 2017

'Rich Niche' and MW Packaging

Formes de Luxe | March 2017

Soins ultra-premium | Premium Skincare

Elitist cosmetics that don't skimp on superlatives: these products deem themselves highly effective, very beautiful, and incredibly expensive! The role of packaging is to enhance formulas, favoring aesthetic and functional quality with revolutionary innovations. Every detail counts for those who want to take part in this mini Eldorado.


Limited editions - ART AND RARITY

For the celebration of its 30th anniversary in 2012, Clé de Peau made just three editions of a Saint-Louis crystal piece designed by artist Oliver Sévère. In this format, the cream cost 13,000 dollars! In comparison, any other limited edition seems affordable, such as the Baccarat crystal caviar cup sold in 2015 with a La Prairie cream for a mere 1,860 euros. Valmont makes the link between cosmetics and contemporary art - which its president, Didier Guillon, wishes to promote. For last's year holiday season, the facial skincare product L'Elixir des Glaciers came in a lacquered wood case adorned with a ceramic motif created by the artist Isao Artigas. Fifty units at 2,500 euros were up for sale.

Coffrets are a good vehicle for distinguishing products. Of note is Estée Lauder's Re-Nutrive Ultimate Diamond case launched last fall, which brings together facial and eye-contour treatments. Made by English company MW Luxury Packaging of wood veneered, these cases incorporate housings for applicator tools and feature different mechanisms. They come in two versions, one in a run of 8,000 and the other of 1,000.
For the latter, an internal platform is lifted on opening the lid, revealing the two jars in a spectacular way.