• 28th September 2017

Favourite Design of the day

The objective of Favourite Design is to promote quality design and increase the visibility of designers worldwide.

The Annual Book displays all design projects that have been selected throughout the year. It includes the best creations of the year. The Annual Book is a true reflection of the International design trends.

We are very proud to see one of our projects being selected for the annual 'Favourite Design 2017' book. A joint success for MW Luxury Packaging and Force MAJEURE Design who designed the pack.

MW Luxury Packaging

If there’s one characteristic the true whiskey connoisseur prizes it’s rarity. This is the ethos behind Orphan Barrel, a distilling company dedicated to the bottling of whiskies that have been overlooked for many years. In their own words: “the project is founded in dark, quiet corners of rick houses around the world.”

Reading that will send a delighted shiver down the spine of any whiskey-lover – but so will the brand new collector’s edition crate released by Diageo in celebration of this fantastic project. Designed by Force Majeure and manufactured by MW Luxury Packaging, this holding case was specially crafted to carry six bottles of Orphan Barrel’s rarest whiskies.

The pack measures 718mm long, 284mm tall and 147mm deep. Constructed from 16mm MDF, the case bears a custom wood veneer stained black with matte varnish. The solid front panel closes by way of six 180-degree hinges, custom plated in matte black to match the exterior, and is held shut with eight pairs of magnets.

Open the case using the bronze bar along the front and you’ll discover the gorgeous interior: PU leather silkscreened with gold Orphan Barrel logos, and six bottle cavities framed with copper plates. The bottles themselves are designed to sit between two black EVA foam pads, ensuring their safety.

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