• 11th April 2018

Our New Logo: MW Luxury powered by GPA

Last year we announced that MW had been acquired by the worldwide packaging company GPA Global, and that our founder Anthony Dowler would be joining GPA as a shareholder. With the partnership finalised, we’re ready to unveil a brand new logo that celebrates this exciting new collaboration and highlights the crucial role GPA will play in our future projects.

Our new branding – which features the words “MW Luxury powered by GPA” – offers a fresh and modern reimagining of our existing logo. We’ve freshened up our font and made room for the distinctive green GPA logo, which reflects our new partners’ commitment to eco-friendly materials and processes.

With GPA Global’s backing we are beginning to expand our capabilities and reach; where we once specialised in luxury boxes and containers, we can now supply a wider range of products, including eco-friendly packs and point-of-purchase displays. To highlight the broadening of our focus, we made the decision to shorten MW Luxury Packaging to MW Luxury.

If you’d like to learn more about our new partnership with GPA Global, don’t hesitate to get in touch.