• 29th November 2018

PaperSpecs reviews our 2017 Christmas pack: A Box is Not a Home

Each year here at MW Luxury, we put our heads together to come up with an exciting Christmas gift to send out to our clients, suppliers and friends. Two years ago we settled on a beautiful scented candle wrapped in a luxury, hand assembled pack. Last year we decided to go in a different direction, using our design and manufacturing skills to create a special keepsake highlighting the plight of homeless men, women and children in the UK.

Though we are almost ready to celebrate another Christmas, we’re delighted to say that people are still talking about last year’s gift. Earlier this month, our 2017 gift box was given a glowing review by PaperSpecs, a site that provides information, inspiration and resources on all things paper and print.

The project, entitled “A Box is Not a Home”, was inspired by the Cambridge-based homeless shelter Jimmy’s. The keepsake was a small cardboard box that opened to reveal an accordion of pages, illustrated with photos depicting the plight of homeless people at Christmas, and accompanied with a poem written by Kelly Sipthorp, an MW Luxury employee. For every box we sent out we made a donation to Jimmy’s and secured a hot meal for one person visiting the shelter that Christmas.

PaperSpecs founder Sabine Lenz praised the box’s construction, drawing attention to the gorgeous work of master screen printer Lorenz Boegli, and calling our chosen images “beautiful” and “heart-wrenching”. We’re delighted to read such a positive review, and even more pleased that our message continues to be spread far and wide.

In keeping with last year’s theme, our 2018 gift will once again be about giving back – but this time to the environment. We’ll be revealing more about our special Christmas gift in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled…

You can read the full review here