• 22nd July 2019

GPA Luxury, a name change and a new era for the MW Luxury team

In the past few months, our parent company GPA Global has been making some big changes, the most recent of which has been to unite all of its subsidiaries under the GPA banner.

We now officially represent the luxury packaging arm of GPA Global.

With that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to our new company name: GPA Luxury.

Name and a new logo aside, no key changes are being made to how we operate. We’re the same experienced team, working within the same cutting edge facilities to deliver exceptional luxury packaging. In short, for clients, there will be no down time or transition period – in fact, with GPA’s resources at our disposal, our service will only get better.

Currently, all correspondence sent to our MW Luxury email accounts is being automatically redirected to our new GPA Global email accounts, which are stylised as: Name.SurnameInitial@gpaglobal.net.

You can also contact us by giving us a call at one of our offices in the UK, USA, Russia, Hong Kong or China (numbers listed here).

To find out more about the new and improved GPA Global family, visit the company website.

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