• 13th March 2019

Michael Kors commissioned MW Luxury to manufacture a very special container for its fragrance Sexy Ruby.

For the Sexy Ruby PR kit, they created a deeper pack to accommodate the required elements, with two internal layers. Inside the box there is a compartment topped with a unique lid functioning as a lenticular lens. Upon lifting the lens layer, a full-size bottle of Sexy Ruby is revealed; the perfume rests in an EVA fitment which has been topped with a CMYK print depicting a mound of glittering rubies. The bottom layer of the pack is a pull-out compartment holding the kaleidoscope and a 7 ml bottle of Sexy Ruby. In addition, this drawer also holds a hidden battery pack, which powers an LED system arranged throughout the pack. Flicking the switch, the top compartments light up.

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Source: Courtesy of News Packaging ES