• 17th December 2020

A special Christmas message from GPA Luxury

What is Christmas all about? The food, presents and decorations are brilliant – but ultimately, Christmas is about people.

This year, the festive season is going to look a little different, but it’s still a time when we can come together with our loved ones (virtually or in person) to give thanks. In 2020, Christmas is also a time to reach out a hand to those less fortunate.

Christmas message 2020, Covid19

In March the UK was forced into lockdown. With businesses closing and jobs disappearing, we all did our bit to help others in need. Nine months on, we’re still not back to normal, but we’re proud to say that we’ve weathered this difficult time together – and we’re all stronger for it.

This was the inspiration behind our Christmas 2020 campaign: an original animated film called “The Storm”.

Our talented designer Christian Zebitz worked with Ivona Baxter, Steven Plunkett and Julius Pep Music to create a short film telling the story of 2020 from a unique new angle. In it, a varied cast of characters battle an unexpected and devastating storm. Each starts out in a different boat but ultimately, they come together to survive.

The final message? In stormy weather, don’t forget to reach out a hand.

We hope that everyone who reads this or watches our short film reaches out a hand this Christmas – whether it’s by helping an elderly neighbour or donating to a foodbank. Spreading love, hope and charity has never been more importan

Merry Christmas from GPA Luxury

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from everyone at GPA Luxury – here’s to sunnier times in 2021.

WATCH "The Storm"