• 29th July 2020

The Luxury Touch: Creating unforgettable customer service within the luxury sector

The GPA Luxury team has a long history of collaborating with spirits, cosmetics and fragrance brands within the luxury sector. But recently we’ve expanded our reach to begin working within elite luxury travel – and we’ve found ourselves inspired by the companies we’ve encountered.

After working with one particularly exciting hotel brand, we decided to shine a light on the exceptional customer service being embraced within the premium travel sector – and how it is that this approach can help luxury brands stand out from their competitors.

What makes a brand luxury?

Is it the use of premium materials? The celebrity endorsements? The big price-tag?

Luxury isn’t an easy concept to define, but at GPA we believe it’s all about centring the client to deliver a superior customer experience. For years, we’ve created luxury packaging solutions for brands that operate on the same basis. We’ve always loved working with clients that can craft a product capable of whisking the consumer away on a unique journey. When the product goes beyond the material, it becomes a sensory experience that leaves lasting memories.

Within a sector such as luxury travel, creating an unforgettable client experience is even more vital. That’s why our team was excited to work with Swiss apart-hotel brand Le Bijou earlier this year, and learn more about how they’re centring their guests’ needs to make for a truly exceptional travel experience

The Le Bijou philosophy

What if you could combine the convenience of a hotel with the privacy and comfort of an apartment? This is the simple question that inspired the founders of Le Bijou to revisit the concept of luxury accommodation and set up their own apart-hotel business.

The brand’s chalet-chic private apartments are fully equipped for cooking, dining and entertainment, and boast the latest technological advances to enable a comfortable, convenient stay. The key highlight of each apartment is a digital concierge that learns and adapts to its guests’ personal preferences meaning the space can be customised, and needs anticipated ahead of time. Each establishment also employs round-the-clock staff, ensuring there is always someone on hand for housekeeping, deliveries and transport.

For Le Bijou, ensuring an exceptional customer experience is paramount. The idea is to nurture the needs of the client, maximising comfort and relaxation while minimising fuss and hassle.

The GPA Luxury philosophy

If you’ve worked with GPA Luxury before, you’ll know that we have a very similar philosophy to Le Bijou. We may not work within hospitality, but we do run a luxury product packaging business with a significant client-facing element.

Whenever we start work on a new brief, we set out to create the best possible experience for our clients. That means anticipating unseen needs, mitigating risks before they arise, and working closely with project leads to ensure that the end product not only meets requirements, but exceeds expectations.

From day one, we aim to strike the perfect balance between keeping our clients looped into the process, and letting them know their project is firmly in our safe and capable hands, meaning they can step away whenever they need to. Not only does this approach result in excellent work, it also ensures healthy client loyalty.

The future of the luxury sector

With more brands than ever claiming that their products or services offer the luxury experience, it’s never been more important for consumers to be cautious about where they put their money, or for luxury manufacturers to prioritise customer service. Here at GPA Luxury we plan to continue on the same course, by centring our clients’ needs and creating an experience that will have them coming back for more.

You can find out more about the GPA Luxury approach HERE.