• Johnnie Walker

Diageo’s Artist Series 2017

Johnnie Walker Green Label

Only returned to the Colours Range in 2016, Johnnie Walker Green Label is a blended whisky with an enthralling depth of flavour. Aged for 15 years, this premium drink is a blend of four mature malt whiskies, and evokes flavours of cut grass, wood smoke, vanilla, and fresh fruit.

The pack for this special whisky was designed by street artist Tristan Eaton and manufactured by GPA. One of four MW packs for Diageo’s 2017 Artist Series, it was constructed in the same format as the packs for the 18-Year-Old and the Gold Label Reserve.

High quality rigid board was used to construct the pack, and premium pearlescent paper stock wraps both the outer flap and the inner box. Inside, the bottle of whisky and two tumblers are held in a colour-matched inner fitment.

Eaton’s striking illustration was inspired by a number of things, but in particular the landscapes and people of Scotland: “I wanted to play with the different palettes and textures of green for this design. The visuals incorporate mystical elements like the northern lights and the flora and wildlife found in Scotland.”

To heighten the visual power of the pack, flashes of green and gold foil detailing were used – the most notable example being the textured “Green Label” branding at the top of the pack.


Johnnie Walker Aged 18 Years

This medium-bodied blended Scotch whisky is a staple of the Johnnie Walker range. It’s a blend that brings notes of citrus and almond to the tongue, finishing with just a hint of smoke.

As part of Diageo’s Artist Series for 2017, GPA manufactured the pack for this coveted whisky. Designed by renowned street artist Tristan Eaton, the pack offers a modern, vibrant twist on the classic Johnnie Walker aesthetic.

The box was constructed using high quality rigid board and wrapped in premium pearlised paper stock with a subtle shimmer finish. A rigid front flap folds open to reveal the pearlescent, colour-matched fitment holding the bottle of whisky and two tumblers.

The design – which reimagines the iconic Johnnie Walker Striding Man as a collage of vintage images in silver and gold hues – sprawls across the front of the box, continuing onto the inner flap. “I have used ornate art deco patterns in my work to reflect Jim Beveridge’s incredible craft,” explains designer Eaton, “And a stag standing proud to symbolise the proud Scottish heritage of Johnnie Walker.”

Carefully placed gold foiling subtly highlights key areas of the design, and gives a sleek, textural finish to the branding elements. The finishing touch is a block of text on the inner flap, detailing this fine whisky’s tasting notes. 

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Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve

Starting soft, buttery and sweet on the tongue, before smoothing into a signature smoky finish, this blended whisky revolves around one excellent Scotch single malt: Clynelish. Johnnie Walker’s Gold Label Reserve is a staple of the Colours Range and, as part of Diageo’s Artist Series for 2017, has been honoured with its own limited edition pack.

Designed by street artist Tristan Eaton and manufactured by GPA, the pack boasts a high quality rigid board structure, and premium paper wrappings with a shimmering pearlescent finish. Like the packs for the 18-Year-Old and the Green Label, this box opens via an illustrated front flap, revealing an inner fitment holding the whisky and two tumblers.

For Eaton, Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve is all about the good times: “I wanted to reflect the idea of an unforgettable, feel-good moment. Joyful emotions are captured in glittering visuals of shining stars, sparkling diamonds and awesome explosions.”

To draw out this theme, the GPA team incorporated gold foil detailing into key areas of the pack, and provided tasting notes in a text block on the inner flap. Slip the bottle and tumblers out of their recess, fetch some crushed ice and a slice of orange, and let the celebrations begin!

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Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Every bottle of Johnnie Walker is special in its own way – but it’s the Blue Label that wows every single time. Bold yet silky on the palate, this titan of the whisky world explodes on the tongue with hazelnuts, honey and rose, finishing with smoke and spice.

Honouring such a world-class whisky is no easy job, but when it came to the design and manufacture of the Blue Label pack for Diageo’s 2017 Artist Series, no expense was spared.

Working off a design by Tristan Eaton, the MW team constructed a pack with a high quality, double thickness rigid board structure. The exterior is wrapped in premium core-dyed, pearlescent blue stock with a bespoke texture. Detail has been included in the form of subtle spot varnish, embossing, and electric blue foil highlights.

Constructed around a central hinge, the pack opens seamlessly when the two halves are gently pulled back. In one half sits the bottle of Blue Label and in the other, two whisky tumblers; EVA fitments hold each element snugly, and ribbon attachments allow for easy removal.

The finishing touch is a carry case covered in white pearlescent stock and fronted with an Eaton illustration: “Throughout history, artists have used the female form to convey rare, unexplainable beauty. I wanted to capture the unique craft behind this liquid and by using eyes and faces, hinting at the personal connection people have with it.”

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