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GPA Luxury KITH x Estée Lauder Generational Beauty Kit

Last year, GPA Luxury teamed up with fashion label Kith on two projects – and now we’re back to showcase the results of a third.

In March, Kith and Estée Lauder came together to release their second collaboration, following the runaway success of their 2019 effort. The Generational Beauty Kit is a limited edition, custom-made collection of four iconic Estée Lauder makeup products, housed in casing inspired by the company’s original packaging, and contained in a modern, Kith-branded case. It was created in time for International Women’s Day and was sold exclusively at Kith and the Estée Lauder counter inside Selfrdiges London. 

Having worked closely with Estée Lauder over many years, and with Kith more recently on two unique invitation packs, our team was more than happy to come on board. Our task was to manufacture the case for the makeup collection, creating a chic acrylic container that – with the contents removed – could double as a clutch.

The main feature of this pack is the Kith monograpm print printed onto the clear acrylic in translucent white. To ensure 100% coverage, we angle-jointed the panels at 45%, letting them fit together with no joins or gaps. We then managed to achieve a perfect repeating pattern across every panel – on no part of the case will you find an incomplete or interrupted logo!

With the print mastered we turned our attention to the case’s dual functionality. Its primary purpose is to house the collection of Estée Lauder products, which is why we crafted a simple white EVA fitment for the interior. As a secondary function, the case is designed for use as a clutch bag. With this in mind, we added weights to the base, ensuring that – even with the fitment removed – the case will stay upright when opened.

The finishing details are the electroplated metal clasp and hinges, which are colour-matched to the gold makeup packaging within. The clasp, which bears the collaborative Estée Lauder and Kith logo, is held shut by discreet magnets attached to the front of the case.

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