• Philip Morris International


In a market increasingly saturated by e-cigarettes and vape pens, IQOS is doing an incredible job of standing out from the crowd.

This exciting company, which is owned by leading tobacco brand Philip Morris International, has developed a range of heated tobacco devices, which provide a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes. These devices heat rather than burn tobacco, thereby producing far fewer harmful chemicals.

In the lead-up to the 2019 Monaco F1 Grand Prix the GPA Luxury team was approached by Philip Morris and asked to produce 100 limited edition packs for select attendees. Each pack would contain an IQOS heated tobacco device, and a range of accessories allowing the user to charge, carry and utilize the IQOS on-the-go. Most importantly, the pack would be suitable for use on a long-term basis, as a permanent storage feature for the user’s IQOS products.

The box that stores and presents the IQOS items is an elegant black cube with a mesh lid. The base, made from dual-finished acrylic, features a premium EVA fitment where all the items are held, easily released from their recesses with a gentle push. The base also contains a compartment for storing instructions and cables; its lid sits flush with the EVA fitment to ensure a sleek look and feel.

Holding the pack closed is an auto-rising steel mesh lid boasting a screen-printed IQOS logo. The manufacture of this lid proved technically challenging as it required a slow-controlled opening mechanism. We had to be careful to control the speed and momentum of the lid to prevent from rocking, and we’re pleased to say the finished product is everything we hoped for.