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Johnnie Walker Blue Label Magnum

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is one of the best-known super-premium Scotch on the planet. Crafted from exceptional, rare whiskies distilled in the Speyside and Highlands regions of Scotland, Blue is famous for its rich, multi-layered palate and irresistible smoky notes.

Recently, the GPA Luxury team was approached to construct a unique storage case for the magnum-sized Blue. Though we have been working with the brand for years, never before have we received a brief like this. The pack would need to safely secure a 1.75L bottle (which weighs 3.8KG), and simultaneously present it to the consumer in the super-premium wrappings that Johnnie Walker Blue has long been associated with. In other words: expectations were high!

The structure of this pack comprises of a sturdy base, and a top sleeve which slips over the bottle and clips into place. We used grey board to create the structure, and then wrapped the pack in soft touch, navy paper embellished with gold foil branding.

The most complex element was the base section. To accommodate the weight of the bottle we created a highly polished acrylic plinth, manufacturing it using Computer Numerical Control to ensure precision. The acrylic material we used (PMMA) was chosen specifically as it has excellent resistance to UV light – this prevents it from yellowing over time. A colour-matched velvet pad sits within the acrylic base, giving the bottle a soft surface to rest on.

Connecting the base to the top sleeve are two die-casted Zamak clasps, electroplated with matt silver and bearing the Johnnie Walker branding. These were incredibly complex to produce as they incorporated multiple parts, and had to be screwed into the base and the lid with high precision to ensure the locking mechanism would locate correctly every time.

We also crafted an ABS lid and EVA plug to sit inside the top sleeve, meaning that the bottle is held firmly in place at all times, and will not move around or fall out when the pack is inverted.

The finished result took painstaking work to perfect, but – as we’re sure you’ll agree – it was certainly worth the time and effort.

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