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Michael Kors packaging: Sexy Ruby PR Kit

Sexy Ruby is an iconic Michael Kors fragrance housed in luxury packaging designed to resemble the precious jewel that inspired it.

As part of a limited edition promotion for this perfume, the brand commissioned GPA Luxury to manufacture a very special container, designed to hold two 7ml bottles and a custom-made kaleidoscope. Our team was also asked to manufacture a PR kit with additional elements.

The standard Sexy Ruby pack is an octagonal clamshell rigid box, shaped to mimic the ruby-inspired bottles within. It is wrapped in PU paper – custom matched to that Sexy Ruby red – with an irregular crosshatch pattern that adds subtle texture and warmth. The company branding has been debossed onto the centre of the lid in gold foil.

Open the box and you’ll discover a colour-matched all red interior featuring the same PU paper that wraps the outside. In the base of the pack rests an EVA fitment with three recesses, which hold the 7ml bottles and the kaleidoscope. As a finishing touch, the kaleidoscope (which has been filled with tiny red bottles) and the inside of the lid feature that same bold, gold branding. 

For the Sexy Ruby PR kit, we created a deeper pack to accommodate the required elements. This version of the container features two internal layers. Open the box and discover a compartment topped with a unique lid functioning as a lenticular lens. Upon lifting the lens layer, a full size bottle of Sexy Ruby is revealed; the perfume rests in an EVA fitment which has been topped with a CMYK print depicting a mound of glittering rubies.

The bottom layer of the pack is a pull-out compartment holding the kaleidoscope and a 7ml bottle of Sexy Ruby. In addition, this drawer also holds a hidden battery pack, which powers an LED system arranged throughout the pack. Flick the switch and the top compartment lights up, illuminating the lenticular lens and the CMYK ruby print. It’s a truly dazzling finishing touch.

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