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Port Ellen 9 Rogue Casks

The ghost distillery of Port Ellen recently unveiled a very exciting new release: a 40-year-old whisky sourced from casks rediscovered in the distillery’s warehouses.

Master blender Dr Craig Wilson picked out and brought together nine different casks, each of which boasts its own distinct flavour profile.

In combination, these long-lost “rogue” casks have created an exceptional whisky that brings a new dimension to Port Ellen’s iconic taste and smell. Just 1,380 bottles have been released, making this one of the most desirable whiskies to come out of the distillery since its doors closed in 1983.

Port Ellen rare whisky packaging 

For the GPA Luxury team, it was an honour to be invited to manufacture the pack for this rare whisky. We began with the construction of the box, which features two hinged doors and a concealed drawer in the base.
We stained the wood veneer exterior black and added embellishments to the outer door: screen-printed branding in red and white, and a paper label inserted into a laser-etched recess. The drawer in the base opens and closes with a gentle push, and contains two gold keys set in a cream fitment and held in place with black bands – it is with these keys that the user is able to open the pack.
The larger key slots into the gold lock on the side, opening the outer door. Inside the bottle is visible through the second door, which is clear with a gold surround and features screen-printed images of each rogue cask. This door can be unlocked using the smaller gold key, allowing the user to access the whisky. The bottle itself is held in a fitment lined with cream faux suede and can be slipped out using a grosgrain ribbon attachment behind the neck.
Opposite, the inside of the door is lined in the same cream faux suede and holds a booklet detailing the fascinating story of 9 Rogue Casks. A final detail is the fine gold split line running around the circumference, which differentiates between the two halves of the pack.
With its hidden drawer, locked doors and golden keys, we hope this pack will be a journey of discovery for each user, worthy of the exceptional whisky within.

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