• Stranger & Stranger

Eau de Stranger

Unique Perfume Packaging 

This unique limited edition perfume from American design house Stranger and Stranger comes packaged in a specially constructed GPA Luxury (MW) box. The exterior was made using rigid board construction and is wrapped in high-value silver mylar paper, covered with a variety of print finishes.

The careful juxtaposition of colours and textures highlights the appealing contrast between the illustrations: splashes of gold, a magenta and teal print, an ornate frame, and the matt ivory head of a statue. These exquisite images are brought to life with multi-level embossed details, allowing the box to reflect the intoxicating, smoky and complex scent of the perfume within.

The lid is secured by magnets and opens at a 45-degree angle. Inside, the perfume bottle is held securely in place with a solid EVA inner fitment. Grosgrain ribbons allow for easy opening of the box, while the contrasting 3D-effect print lends another touch of quirky yet sophisticated glamour.