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Redbreast Whiskey Luxury Bird Feeder Packaging

Here at GPA Luxury we’re all about creating luxury packaging that goes beyond initial functionality. That’s why we were so excited to get to work on our latest creation for Irish whiskey brand Redbreast.

Previously, we’ve worked with Redbreast to manufacture elegant wood and paper packs for their 21-Year-Old and 27-Year-Old Single Pot Still whiskeys. This time round, the brief was a little different. Working from a design by Nude Brand Creation we manufactured one of the most creative, second-use packs we’ve ever worked on: a bottle holder that doubles as a hanging bird feeder.

Luxury Whisky Packaging 

This limited edition item was brought to life as part of a campaign by Redbreast and BirdLife International, with €15 donated to the charity for each pack purchased.

The pack is composed of two parts: a cylindrical top and a flat circular base, which lock together securely. We constructed both parts from aluminium, anodised and dyed in a bright copper shade. We also added a leather strap handle, colour-matched to the brand’s iconic red and branded with copper foiling.

The top section features a cut-out herringbone pattern, which not only allows a partial view of the bottle but enables the second-use bird feeder functionality. The herringbone pattern was chosen to evoke the look of bird feathers, and matches the design used in our other recent creations for Redbreast.

Further details include the Redbreast logo debossed onto the shoulder, and branding lasered onto the front panel. This was anodised to ensure the bright copper shade is seen across the pack.

When the pack is being used to store the bottle, the top section should be placed over the bottle and twisted to lock into the base. The leather strap can then be lifted to loop over the bottle neck and cap.

When the pack is being used as a bird feeder, the bottle should be removed and the top twisted and locked into the base. The user can then pour bird feed into the top, before fitting a small cap to keep it closed. When not being used, this cap is held in the bottle punt. The leather strap then functions as a handle, allowing the user to hang the feeder from an appropriate place in their garden.

Luxury Packaging Solutions 

In total, our team manufactured a limited number of these exciting packs, making them available just in time for winter. Visit the site to learn more!

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