Rimmel Lasting Matte Mailer

Last year, the GPA Luxury team worked with Rimmel London to produce a bespoke influencer kit for their Wonder’Luxe Volume Mascara. This chic pink and black pack was later shortlisted for a Luxury Packaging Award, and picked up Bronze at the Pure Beauty Awards.

With this fantastic experience under our belts, we were more than happy to team up with Rimmel and their parent company Coty once more – this time to craft a unique mailer for their Lasting Matte range. Each mailer would contain three foundations, one primer, and two concealers, and would come with a minimalist pack separating out the various products by mode of application.

Working from a basic brief and shortlist of desirable features, the GPA Luxury team got to work designing the perfect influencer kit.

The end result is a unique three-tiered, gate-opening box held within a rigid cuboid sleeve. The entirety of the pack is constructed from the same material and wrapped in elegant off-white paper. The outer sleeve surrounding the pack is stamped with the Rimmel London logo in black foil, and is designed to lift easily away.

The inventive pack within is built along one continuous piece of backing separating into four segments, which means it can be folded open and closed. The pack opens at one corner and stands completely upright, allowing the user to browse the contents, which sit on three trays at different levels.

In the base level sit the three foundations, in the middle, the primer and the concealers, and in the top a beauty blender sponge held in a colour-matched cotton drawstring bag. This last product was actually suggested by the GPA Luxury team as a way to add value to the product – and the client was delighted with the idea!

The foundations stand upright in their fitments, while the other products lie on their sides. Final details including silver foil branding on the top tray and the interior of the closing side, adding a splash of colour and shine.

Our team manufactured 425 of these influencer kits, 70 of which required a different fitment in the central tray to accommodate a slightly different product range. We worked to a tight deadline, ultimately producing the packs in a three-week lead-time. In this respect, the relatively simple and homogenous design of the pack helped greatly as it allowed for a mainly automated production.

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