• Roe & Co.

Roe & Co. Bamboo Sustainable Packaging

Earlier this year, Diageo launched a brand new Irish whiskey, Roe & Co. Designed with cocktail-making in mind, this blend of malt and grain whiskeys has been aged for at least five years in bourbon casks and is finally ready to enjoy.

To celebrate its arrival on the mixology scene, Diageo teamed up with GPA to produce a limited edition wooden sustainable cocktail case.

Crafted from sustainable material bamboo, this hand-finished box boasts a strikingly raw and simple exterior, offset cleverly by the bold green border and etched Roe & Co logo. The front panel slides out smoothly to reveal the Roe & Co bottle, and has been cleverly designed to double as a cocktail preparation board. The natural antiseptic properties of the bamboo make it ideal for food preparation – whether you’re slicing limes or piercing that perfect green olive.

Inside, the whiskey is held tightly in a black EVA foam fitment; remove the front panel, and the Roe & Co bottle is effectively framed by that striking green border on the exterior of the case. Incidentally, that green is known as “verdigris” and was inspired by the oxidised copper roof of the iconic St Patrick’s Tower, part of Dublin’s Roe Distillery.

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