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Royal Salute Blended Scotch Whiskey

Royal Salute is a British whisky that first launched in 1953 to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. The brand’s excellent Signature Blend brings together a selection of rare Scotch whiskies, blending this magical concoction for at least 21 years.

Recently, Royal Salute teamed up with Boundless Brand Design to create a series of themed packs for the Signature Blend, which would make for the perfect special occasion gift. The resulting three packs were manufactured by GPA Luxury and all feature the same construction, but with different decorations designed by separate artists.

We crafted these packs using a rigid box structure. Each has a front door, attached with an invisible hinge and easily pulled opened with a colour-matched satin ribbon attachment. Inside, the bottle nestles in a decorated alcove. The base rests in a concealed fitment, while the top is held securely by a plastic plug.

We wrapped each pack in uncoated paper printed with multiple embellishments, including spot UV and foils. 3D sculpted emboss and micro-emboss was also used to add complexity, giving each pack depth and texture. Another charming detail is a quote and signature from each illustrator – the effect is that the end user possesses their own little piece of signed artwork.

For details on the differences between the packs, read on.

Chinese New Year

This striking red box features beautiful illustrations by Brett Ryder. It was designed specially as a celebration of the Lunar New Year, and incorporates detailed imagery from Chinese tradition including lucky decorative knotwork and a coiled dragon. The purpose is to wish the user health and prosperity throughout the upcoming year.

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Garden Party

This pretty turquoise pack was inspired by the Queen’s Garden Parties, a royal event which dates back to the reign of Victoria. The illustrations were created by Mariana Rodrigues, and feature a host of royal emblems – including the Queen’s corgis – alongside some quintessentially English details that evoke the unique spirit of a summer garden party.

Hamish Shand, Founder and Creative Director of Boundless Brand Design has praised the pack as encapsulating the “awe, wonder and traditional cues you would expect to see when at a Royal Garden Party”.

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The Celebration pack was inspired by the history of the Royal Salute brand itself. Wrapped in dark blue paper, this pack features a stunning design by Kristjana S. Williams. The imagery here tells the story of the brand’s history and royal heritage, but with a distinctive modern twist.

Notable emblems include the iconic Royal Salute lion, an oak cask, and tartan butterflies – a clear nod to the brand’s Scottish roots.

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