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Small Wonders: Estée Lauder’s Luxury Fragrance Discovery Set

Founded in 1946 and named after its pioneering creator, Estée Lauder is one of the world’s most iconic beauty brands.

From foundation to fragrance and of course, their incomparable skincare range, Estée Lauder have cultivated a reputation for premium products which remain effective and pleasurable to use, while exuding a timeless elegance.

The team at GPA Luxury was recently given the exciting opportunity to collaborate with Estée Lauder in the creation of their new Small Wonders Luxury Fragrance Discovery Set. This unique gift consists of eight mini 4ml fragrance bottles, each a smaller sample of a full size perfume. The Estée Lauder luxury fragrance range is inspired by the breathtaking wonders of nature, distilling their very essence into eight exquisite perfumes. From the amber notes of Infinite Sky to the woody floral scent of Desert Eden, each unique fragrance will awaken your senses and transport you to a place of infinite natural beauty.
When it came to developing and manufacturing packaging for this gorgeous gift set, we wanted to create something which would subtly highlight the luxurious elements of the product without overwhelming them, while providing a smooth and satisfactory user experience.
Mindful of the need to provide a safe and secure home for the fragrance bottles, the team at GPA Luxury crafted packaging with a rigid box build, consisting of a completely removable lift-off lid and tray for smooth access. The beautifully designed tray can then be used to display the stylish set, or can be covered by the lid once more as desired, resulting in an enhanced user experience. A branded paperboard sleeve makes for a subtle yet sophisticated finish to the pack, while the simple fitments within allow the product to step into the spotlight and shine.
With its striking white and gold theme, this box embodies the simple elegance and refinement that defines the Estée Lauder brand. The use of 2c printing, gold foil stamping and a repeating emboss pattern around the packaging adds that touch of luxury, and perfectly compliments the gold lids and adornments of the individual perfume bottles.
Available in both Asia and Europe, this fragrance discovery set is limited to 16K units per market, with this limited run marking it as a truly luxury product.

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