• Stranger & Stranger

Stranger & Stranger - Stranger Times

Stranger & Stranger is a packaging design company known for championing a dark, vintage-inspired aesthetic. Every year they release an inventive gift, collaborating with the MW team to manufacture the packaging. In previous years, we teamed up with Stranger & Stranger to create challenging, unique packs for Eau de Stranger and the Game of Stranger. This year, the gift in question is a stunning wristwatch.

Inspired by the design studio’s global offices, this special watch displays three different time zones: London, New York and San Francisco. Each miniature face boasts its own distinctive style inspired by the city, while the back of the watch bears an exquisite engraving of the project’s name: Stranger Times.

As a packaging design house, the Stranger & Stranger team were keen to create a special case for this wristwatch – and at MW, we were thrilled to be responsible for the manufacturing.

The finished pack consists of a gold and black cube that opens outwards to reveal the watch. The cube is constructed from rigid board and wrapped in paper stock textured to resemble fabric. Two hourglass emblems have been embossed into the sides of the cube; look closely and you’ll notice that the hourglass shape has been formed by two faces in profile – a curious touch which perfectly encapsulates the Stranger & Stranger approach.

Surrounding the pack is an embossed PU faux leather strap which fastens with a metal stud. To add an extra hint of luxury the words Stranger Times have been stamped into the strap in gold foil.

Slip off the strap and open the two halves of the cube and you’ll see the watch face, held within a black, rigid board platform. Designed to mimic a clock face, this platform has been embellished with multilevel embossing and debossing, and spot gloss varnish.  It’s the perfect finishing touch to a truly one-of-a-kind gift.