• Volcan de Mi Tierra

Volcan de Mi Tierra Blanco & Cristalino

Volcán de mi Tierra ... before it was a drink, tequila was a volcano.

"200,000 years ago, the Tequila Volcano erupted and gave fertility to the soil of the Jalisco Region nutritioning our territory and inspiring our communities."

Volcan de Mi Tierra is a premium tequila brand that started life in 2017. The distillery is situated in the shade of a volcano, and grows its agaves in volcanic soil rich with basalt and iron, which gives a unique flavour to the resulting tequila.

Recently, the GPA Luxury team worked with Volcan to produce two premium packs for their signature tequilas: Blanco and Cristalino. The Tequila Blanco has bright, fresh notes of citrus, cherry and peach, and comes in a blue-tinted bottle. The Cristalino is an aged tequila, rich with vanilla, caramel and chocolate, and comes in a copper-tinted bottle.

For both tequilas we used the same pack structure, adapting the colour scheme and embellishments to match the bottles within. The development of the packs was also informed by a specific request from Volcan: to showcase the luxury bottles and ensure their safety during transit.

The finished result is a premium rigid gift-box printed in one colour – blue for the Blanco, copper for the Cristalino – with UV varnish effects. We created triangular windows at the base of the pack offering a peek at the bottom of the bottle, which has been moulded to resemble a volcano. Additionally, the window allows light to pass through the glass and the liquid – the result is that the bottle looks illuminated on the shelf.

The tequila is loaded into the pack via the top, and is held in place in with a premium base. A flocked, vacuum-formed fitment in the lid slots over the top of the bottle when the lid is replaced, securing it even more firmly.

The embellishment of the packs was inspired by the brand’s existing imagery, which is based around the volcanic triangle shape. With this in mind, we printed a pattern of angled, criss-crossing lines across the exterior to create texture and shine.

Lastly, the story of Volcan de Mi Tierra is printed on the back in simple black text, which contrasts effectively with the colour and texture of the rest of the pack.

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Volcan de Mi Tierra Blanco

Volcan de Mi Tierra Cristalino