• 31st October 2017

The limited-edition single malts born of ghost distilleries

With the long nights drawing in and the air growing crisp with autumn chill, it’s never been a better time to huddle by the fire with a warming glass of whisky – particularly if it’s been released by a ghost distillery.

Though the name inspires spine-tingling images of cobwebbed corridors and creaking floorboards, “ghost distillery” is simply a term for whisky distilleries that are still issuing new releases despite having closed long ago.

One example is Brora, a distillery in the Scottish Highlands which shut its doors in 1983. Now owned by Diageo, the distillery continues to release whiskies that have spent the past few decades maturing.

Featuring annually on Diageo’s list of Special Releases along with other ghost distilleries such as Port Ellen, Brora is one of the most in-demand whiskies in the world, with only a limited number of bottles made available each year. If you manage to get your hands on one, it’s the perfect accompaniment for an October evening in with a classic Hammer horror (pumpkin carving optional).