• 20th December 2018

Competition time: Get your hands on the MW Luxury Bee Book!

If you’ve been keeping up with MW Luxury news you’ll know that we recently sent out our Christmas gift for 2018: the Bee Book.

This bespoke creation was developed by Warren and illustrated by our in-house designer Chris Zebitz and features premium embellishments including spot UV varnish and gold foiling.

Unique Christmas Gifts

What makes this book an even more precious keepsake is the message contained within its pages. We chose to devote our 2018 Christmas gift to a worthy cause: raising awareness about the decline of bee populations worldwide, and how this is negatively impacting the growth of our most vital crops.

To help do more to spread the word, we’re running a competition and giving away 25 copies of our Bee Book. Get your hands on a copy and you can learn about the life cycle of the hard-working honeybee, and – more importantly – discover what you can do to help out.

In addition you’ll receive a piece of recycled paper embedded with wildflower seeds. Plant it in soil, water generously, and watch some beautiful blooms grow! The seeds included in the paper are all favoured by bees, which tend to be attracted to bright petals and strong scents. Place your flowers outside come springtime and you’ll be doing your bit for your neighbourhood bees.

How to enter our competition

To win your own Bee Book and seed paper head to the MW Luxury LinkedIn or Instagram page for more information!

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Good luck and Merry Christmas from everyone at MW Luxury!