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Baileys Chocolat Luxe

With things winding down for the Easter weekend here at GPA Luxury, we decided to take a look back at some of the inventive seasonal packs we’ve manufactured over the years – including this sleek egg-inspired creation for an award winning Baileys Chocolat Luxe.

As with all of our favourite work, this premium Easter-themed pack is all about going beyond function to produce something that sparks the imagination.

Baileys Original Irish Cream latest product is a sumptuous spin-off of the brand’s classic Irish cream liqueur, flavoured with real Belgian chocolate and Madagascan Vanilla. For its springtime launch a few years ago, the GPA Luxury team was invited to manufacture a unique presentation pack that would make for an grown-up and elegant Easter gift.

We crafted a handmade container from individual panels of premium, core-dyed black board, using the shape of an Easter egg as inspiration for its silhouette. We used screen-printing and gold foiling to embellish the black board, adding the Baileys branding and an Easter message.

The structure of the pack incorporates an open front, ensuring that both the bottle and the decorative back panel are on display. To create a contrast with the black board, we coated the back panel in pearlescent blue paper printed with undulating gold lines (that cleverly evoke the brand’s iconic gold ribbon). The interior also houses a smooth EVA fitment in the base and a clip in the top, which combine to keep the bottle securely in place.

The last detail is a blue, hand-tied grosgrain ribbon at the top of the pack – one last little nod to the festive fun of the season.

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