• Cincoro Tequila

Cincoro Tequila

The Cincoro Tequila brand was founded by famed basketballer Michael Jordan and four other NBA team owners in 2019.

Their tequila is manufactured from 100% Blue Weber Agave and is known for its superior smoothness, and luxuriously long finish. It comes housed in a distinctive bottle inspired by the agave leaf and boasting a five-sided base representative of its five founders. 

Recently, the Cincoro team approached GPA Luxury to request a premium pack for the 1.75 litre bottle of their Añejo tequila. The challenge? To manufacture a container that would be suitable for storing an unusually tall and heavy bottle, while ticking all the boxes for a superior user experience.

Cincoro Tequila by Michael Jordan | GPA Luxury
We began with the structure, which was inspired by the pentagonal base of the bottle. The pack is tall and narrow with five sides, two of which fold open to reveal the bottle within.
The entire exterior is wrapped in gold premium paper bearing a repeating pattern of the Cincoro emblem, which is inspired by the leaves of the agave plant. We used contrasting matte and gloss to create a visual and textural contrast between the pattern and the paper – under light, the agave pattern shines and shimmers, catching the eye.
Other additions to the exterior include the Cincoro branding in simple black, and a subtle ribbon attachment, colour-matched to the gold paper, which allows the user to smoothly pull open the front flap and access the tequila.
Inside, we used more embellished gold paper to line the interior of the pack – this backdrop creates an appealing visual effect when seen through the tequila bottle.
To ensure that the container would be durable enough to hold and transport a 1.75l bottle, we manufactured two inserts. In the bottom, a fitment holds the base firmly in place. In the top, a black clip secures the lid of the bottle, ensuring that there is no movement side to side during transit.
In addition to this premium pack, GPA also produced a folding carton pack for the standard 750ml bottles of Cincoro’s Añejo, Blanco and Reposado tequilas. These chic black packs showcase the sleek lines of the bottle, and feature the same repeating pattern of the Cincoro emblem, along with some elegant gold lettering. They were manufactured by our skilled HUB team, who are based in Massachusetts.

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