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Compass Box Whisky

Compass Box is a whisky brand with a difference. Founded in 2000 by John Glaser it follows the ethos that delicious Scotch whiskies emerge from the blending process. For that reason, the Compass Box team go out of their way to prove that blends enjoy parity with the very best single malts.

Their recent Myths & Legends series contains three different whiskies, each of which was specially created to debunk one misconception about what a good Scotch should be. Each bottle bears a label inspired by mythology; when lined up, the three images join together to form a triptych.

The GPA Luxury team were invited to manufacture a practical yet luxurious pack to store each of the three whiskies from this range. The end result is an elegant duck-egg blue box with front and back windows, which holds the bottle securely in top and bottom fitments while showcasing the gorgeous label artwork.

We wrapped the pack in uncoated paper stock flooded with a select Pantone shade. We then hot foiled the exterior with the Compass Box branding, using Kurz Matt Gold. In combination, the pale blue paper and gold foiling perfectly complement the illustration on the bottle’s label.

Within, the pack hides two black EVA fitments: one in the base and one in the removable lid. The lid also contains magnets that lock in place once the lid has been returned to the pack.

From the start, this was a project that threw up challenges. Given the design of the pack – essentially an open frame – we had to make sure that we used the correct paper materials to reduce any warp or bending. To ensure a perfect finish on the exterior, we ran multiple print tests of the hot foiling.

We also had to be careful when crafting the lid, which contains the top fitment. To safeguard the whisky we had to design a fitment that would firmly grip the neck and cap without damaging the wax seal at the top of the bottle.

With a little GPA ingenuity, we were able to overcome all these challenges and produce a beautifully functional pack worthy of the premium whisky within.

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