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Cultus Artem

Luxury fragrance brand Cultus Artem was established by jewellery designer and perfumer Holly Tupper in 2015. After 30 years working as a jewellery designer and fabricator, Tupper expanded and created the Cultus Artem brand to include a luxury fragrance collection.

Cultus Artem fragrance is a premium brand based around natural, raw materials and traditional, labour-intensive techniques.

The company currently boasts eight distinctive fragrances, each of which is cruelty-free and concocted only from natural ingredients: distilled water, fragrance oils, and perfumery alcohol.

At the end of last year, to celebrate the launch of these special fragrances, Cultus Artem collaborated with Mitra United to design some luxury packaging and – with the brief complete – invited the GPA Luxury team to come on board for the manufacturing.

The finished result is this exquisite clamshell presentation box, made in three different sizes. We constructed a rigid board box and added a 10mm chipboard collar to enable friction fit closure. The lid, attached by a paper hinge at the back, is further secured with hidden magnets.

For the exterior wrap, we digitally printed onto uncoated paper stock, adding embossing and hot-stamped foils. The box collar, meanwhile, is wrapped in screen-printed gold and blue stock.

Inside, the pack boasts some truly gorgeous details. The bottle of Cultus Artem scent sits in the base, nestling in an EVA bottle fitment covered loosely in custom light blue velvet. Opposite, within the velvet-lined lid, a shallow recess holds a custom envelope, made from uncoated blue paper and containing various print collaterals. The envelope is further secured by two burgundy velvet elastic bands that cross the recess in a V shape, creating a visual link with the Cultus Artem logo.

The finishing touch is a screen-printed SBS belly band, which can be easily slipped off to open the box. This band, printed with the same gold and blue pattern as the inner collar, bears the Cultus Artem branding, and the fragrance name.

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