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Medeau Perfume Packaging

Medeau is a modern luxury fragrance brand that launched at the beginning of 2021.

Founder Allison Stubbings was inspired to create her own premium scents when she was unable to find a luxury perfume suitable for her skin during pregnancy. In her research, Allison was shocked to discover that even the most respected luxury brands packed their scents with irritants and preservatives.

By contrast, Medeau’s fragrances are inspired by English flowers and derived wholly from vegan, non-toxic ingredients that more than live up to their luxury branding. In Allison’s own words, “Medeau is designed to work in harmony with your body and with nature – not against it.”

In keeping with the brand’s ethos, there was a need for packaging that would be elegant and eco-friendly. Allison approached GPA Luxury and we were only too happy to partner with her for this exciting project. Brief in hand we set out to create a perfume pack that would meet Medeau’s high standards for sustainability and quality.

Our team began by crafting a simple white perfume box. The exterior is finished with soft touch varnish, and features satin silver foiling and spot UV for the Medeau logo. Inside, a white corrugated liner wraps around the perfume bottle, holding it snugly and ensuring it remains protected during transit.

For both the box and the corrugated liner we approached the materials list very carefully to ensure that both would remain fully recyclable.

In addition to the perfume packaging for Medeau’s full-sized bottles, we also manufactured a range of cards for their 2ml perfume samples. To ensure continuity and sustainability across the pack range, we made these samplers with the same recyclable materials and finishes.

As this was Medeau’s first partnership with a packaging manufacturer, our team was keen to make sure that the process went smoothly from day one. We’re pleased to say that the client was delighted with the end product, and has since praised the process and our team.

Working with GPA to design the packaging for our fragrance brand has been a dream. Their expertise and commitment to ensuring a beautiful and luxurious design was outstanding and we were thrilled with the results. Their responsiveness and ability to adhere to the timeline ensured the project flowed as smoothly as possible.

Allison Stubbings, Founder of Medeau

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