Rimmel Wonder’Luxe Volume Mascara

Wonder’Luxe Volume Mascara is one of the latest offerings from Rimmel London, the popular cosmetics brand.

To spread the word about this new mascara, Coty (the global beauty company that owns Rimmel) decided to release an influencer gift pack – with the help of GPA Luxury.

The Wonder’Luxe pack was devised and manufactured by the GPA team between August and December 2018, with the building and delivery stage taking just four weeks. Coty’s brief was to create a small run of 380 packs with a luxury look and feel. The packs were to be compact but playful, and to evoke the design of the mascara within (which comes housed in a chunky rose gold tube).

Initial designs incorporated an enclosed layer containing glitter suspended in liquid – but the specifics of the brief and the small size of the run ultimately led us in a different direction.

The finished result is a pack with a contemporary, premium look and feel. A pyramid structure was used on both halves of the pack to create the unique shape, and ensure there was space for the pack contents. The memorable structure also evokes the twisted lines of the mascara itself.

We wrapped the pack in iridescent rose gold paper, embellishing with pale pink highlights and embossing the Rimmel slogan, “Live the London look”, along one side. To enable easy access to the contents, we included a black ribbon attachment.

Inside, the pack boasts a simple but elegant design. In the base sits a vacuum-formed fitment where the mascara is held snugly in place. The soft black flocking on this fitment provides a striking contrast with the metallic pink mascara, drawing the eye directly to the product.

Opposite sits a removable mirror with a black border and Rimmel branding. Slip out the mirror using the ribbon attachment, and discover a secret compartment containing three eyebrow mascaras – a final flourish to delight the lucky recipients of this special pack.

The completed packs were sent out to major beauty influencers across the UK, Europe and Canada.

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