• 25th June 2019

Think outside the box! How to command consumer attention in the age of the influencer

Recently, we wrote an article about luxury packaging for the influencer age. To anyone unfamiliar with the term – which entered the dictionary for the first time last year – an influencer is an online celebrity with a following of millions.

Influencers are young blogger, vloggers and journalists who have risen to fame by regularly posting about their own lives on social media. With so many followers, they’re able to boost sales, shape new fashions, and dictate far-reaching cultural trends – which means they wield a huge amount of brand power.

That’s why so many companies are currently in the process of rethinking their approach to marketing. In the modern age, one of the easiest ways to promote a product is to send it to an influencer to be reviewed or advertised. Of course, it’s not as simple as packing up the product and sticking it in the post. Before sending something out an influencer, two things must be kept in mind:

  1. The average influencer is young, fashionable and very up-to-date on modern trends
  2. Your freebie will be one of hundreds that they receive on a weekly basis

With this in mind, marketing kits should be about showcasing your product in an irresistibly cool and original way, to ensure it stands out from the crowd. In short, it’s a process that should make you think outside the box.

A clever “message in a bottle” from Rituals

Recently, we manufactured a pack that perfectly illustrates outside-the-box thinking. In this pack, premium luxury materials, sophisticated electronics, and enticing interactive features combine to cultivate a truly memorable experience.

The pack in question was manufactured for global beauty brand Rituals. It’s an elegant case that opens to reveal a glass bottle containing an invite to an exclusive launch party in Ibiza. The event? A relaunch of the brand’s The Ritual of Karma collection.

So many things make this pack ideal for the influencer generation. One vital characteristic is that it has a luxury look and feel, which was achieved with premium materials such as Marrs Green paper and gold foiling. Another is that it bears an intoxicating air of mystery – the simple exterior gives few clues as to what awaits inside, enticing the recipient to open it up and start discovering.

The most important feature of this pack is that it takes the user on a journey. Upon opening the lid the recipient is greeted with a personal “message in a bottle”, held in a fitment printed with a seascape. As they read the gold foil instructions, lifting out the bottle to uncork their launch party invite, sea sounds play from a hidden sound chip activated by the opening of the lid. In combination, these effects help to conjure them to another world.

The last feature of the pack that makes it such an exciting gift is that it is one of just 30 – in short, it’s an instant collectible.

Thinking outside the box with MW Luxury

Our Ritual of Karma invite box is just one of many luxury promotional packs we’ve created in recent years.

We’ve manufactured a gorgeous rose gold limited edition pack for Rimmel’s Wonder’Luxe Mascara, created an award-winning playable labyrinth for La Mer’s Moisturising Matte Lotion, and put together a PR kit for Michael Kors Sexy Ruby featuring a bespoke kaleidoscope and LED lighting. With our years of experience in the luxury sector – and now the backing of our parent company GPA – we’ve got all we need to produce an influencer kit that will have everyone talking. 

If you’d like to reach out to influencers with your own bespoke kit, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.